Sunday School Small Groups


Contemporary WORSHIP 9:30 am | Traditional worshp 11:00 am

A place for you to belong

Check out each groups information and come join us! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk with someone about joining a small group!

Groups that meet at 9:30am on Sunday's

Hope- Adults without Partners- Co-ed. Room 126. Led by Jim Reynolds
Anne Raynor- Adults without Partners- Senior Adult Ladies. Room 130. Led by Mary Johnson.
Son Seekers- Parents with Preschoolers- Co-ed. Room 124. Led by Nancy Cobb.
New Horizons- Parents of Children & Teens- Co-ed. Room 12//Student department. Led by Brian Johnson & Charlie Davis.
YES- Married Couples- Co-ed. Room 121. Led by Gordon Edwards.
Genesis- Empty Nesters- Co-ed. Room 123. Led by Mike Touchon.
JC Ford- Retired Couples- Co-ed. Room 129. Led by Jimmy Stevens and Sue King.
McDaniel Fellowship- Retired Couples- Co-ed. Room 125. Led by Carlton McDaniel, Sr.
GC Davis- Retired Men- Males. Room 127. Led by Ray Capps.
Dot Lambert- Retired Ladies- Female. Room 126a. Led by Norma Reynolds.
Beth Fisher- Retired Ladies. Room 131. Led by Jay Johnson and Phil Strach
JoAnn Watkins Love- Retired- Co-ed. Room 133. Led by Tim Stevens and Buck Kennedy.
Horace Davis Fellowship- Retired- Co-ed. Room 124a. Led by Tom Currin.

Groups that meet at 11:00am on Sunday's

College- 18-25 year olds- Co-ed. Big Room in Student department. Led by Adam Shew.
Young Professionals- 25-31 year olds- Co-ed. Room 130. Led by Maria & Kent Mahoney
Trinity- Parents of Kids & Students- Co-ed. Room 131. Led by Brandon Jones.
New Horizons- Parents of Kids & Students- Co-ed. Room 123. Led by Pat Faison and Travis Webb.
Live for Him- Parents of Kids & Students- Co-ed. Room 121. Led by Bob Ball and Michael Bullard.
Heavenbound- Adult Empty Nesters- Co-ed. Room 126a. Led by Jerry Blalock

Groups that meet during the week

Cooper Class(Thursday's @ 6:45pm)- Retired adults- Co-ed. Held at the church in Room 131. Led by Gerald Byrd and Jimmy Jones.
CONNECT(Monday's @ 6:30pm)- Young Adult Bible Study- 25-31 year olds- Co-ed. Led by Maria & Kent Mahoney. Held at the Mohoney's home. Contact here for address and details.

Want More Information on a Small Group?

Please complete this short form below and let us know about the groups you are interested in and we will get you in contact with the leader in that class. We look forward to getting to know you better!